Which Logs?

I have written some general information on the types of wood to burn on your stove and how to store and season logs, I hope you find it useful.
All logs will burn better if seasoned properly and split rather than burnt as whole logs. Seasoning is the process of drying out the logs in suitable conditions so that the moisture content of the wood is ideally below 20%. I always suggest to my customers that they buy a moisture meter, its £20 well spent and gives an accurate idea of when a log is ready to burn.

If you’re gathering and felling your own trees then they should be cut down in winter as the tree is dormant and the sap is not rising. If the trees are felled in spring when the sap is rising then the moisture content of the wood will increase and the wood will take longer to season.

For seasoning, the trees should be cut into log lengths suitable for your stove (read the stoves instructions for the ideal log size) and then split them to increase the surface area of wood (not bark) exposed to the elements. The wood should be stored in a dry area raised off the wet floor where the wind can blow through the logs. I would expect logs could take anywhere from 3-6 months to season properly dependant on the type and size of log. Your moisture meter will tell you this more accurately. Below is a table of different sort of wood and burning characteristics, you may find it helpful when choosing logs.

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